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In responce to clients asking us about which hosting services are stealth friendly, we have set up a series of websites on different free webhosting services, to test and demonstrate how stealth forwarding works with them. For example if you check our Geocities site, Internet Explorer users will get a script error. This happens because the Geocities watermark code tries to access the main document (which is the frameset written by easyDNS), and cannot. The site will still load, and if the user clicks the "OK" button they can proceed. Below is a list of the hosts we currently have sites on, and the site there will discuss any issues we have found with the services with stealth, and provide a discussion forum for people using our forwarding on that service.

Fortune City

Angel Fire


Free Webhosts that are not stealth friendly:

Hosts that add Frame breaker javascript to pages they host, so stealth forwarding will not work.

The Globe