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Normally, when a domain name is forwarded to a URL at another domain, like this one is, the location bar URL changes to what has been forwarded to and does not keep the original domain name. While this may be OK, or even desirable, for some applications, it doesn't present the most professional face for many. But you'll note that this site has retained the domain name. That's because uses Stealth Redirection.

Note: if the is not shown in the location bar, then you accessed this page using the real Tripod address Click here to reload the site with the easyTEST domain name.

This is accomplished by creating a frameset document which specifies an invisible frame to keep the domain name in the location bar, and another frame which occupies the whole screen which the page forwarded to is placed. This has the effect of keeping the domain name in the location bar, no matter what address is forwarded to within the frame. If it doesn't matter to your application that the address shown in the location bar of a visitors browser will always be the same, your domain name, regardless of which page they access, then you can turn stealth on and the only modification you have to make to the html code on your site is that if you have links to other websites outside of your own site, make sure your links look like this:

<a href="" target="_top">

(please note the underscore " _ " character before the word " top " - it must be included) ...and that is it.

To enable Stealth redirection for your domain name, log in to your easyDNS member page (using the username and password you supplied during registration), click on dns link beside your domain name in the domain settings heading. Beside each host of the domain name, and each set of fileds in the add a host, there is a check box under a stealth heading. Just click this checkbox and click "next" until it changes to done, and then click done to activate stealth forwarding for any host of the domain. Do you need more detail?

This method of forwarding through a frameset document can create problems with search engines as relates to meta tags, but we have a solution.

If the URL in the location bar reflecting the file name accurately is important to your application, or you want people to be able to reload the page they are looking at rather than the home page, you will want to look at the page design for stealth section.

If you do not already have a domain name, or have not signed up for service with , please visit the main site to find out more about the benefits of being a member.

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