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Stealth redirection hides the URL you’ve forwarded your domain to and keeps your domain name in the location bar. This is accomplished with the use of frames. When someone types in your domain name, easyDNS sends out a very simple frameset consisting of the following two frames:

  1. An invisible easyDNS frame (necessary to preserve the domain name in the location bar).
  2. A full size frame with your website in it.

Although your domain name will be preserved in the location bar, it will not automatically change when someone clicks on a link within your site. For example, if you have a page on your site called about.html (which is what this page is called) and someone clicks on the link on your main page to get to the about page (like you did to get here), the location will still read "" (look up, it still reads it will not change to "" as you might expect it to. This happens because of the frameset.

Furthermore, if visitors click the "Reload" button on their browser, they will reload the homepage, not the page they are on (try it now, click "Reload" and you will be back on the easytest homepage). If someone originally types in "", then they will get to the right page, but that exact address will be preserved in the location bar no matter which link they click on (even a link to an outside website) and clicking "Reload" will always reload that page. Try it out by typing in the location bar and then click here to return to the easyTEST homepage. You will still see in the location bar.

This may or may not matter to you, because visitors can get to the exact page they are looking for, and in either case your domain name will be preserved in the location bar. However, there are ways around these issues.

The only other problem created by forwarding through a framset document like this relates to problems with search engins as relates to meta tags, but we have a solution.